I endorse Cooperstown Ballcaps

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I don't often endorse products on this blog, but I figured I'd share this one, since a lot of folks have been asking me about clothes and baseball lately.

The Cooperstown Ballcap Company
makes the best baseball caps I've ever seen. I have several. They are made to order, of exceptional quality, and can be purchased with almost any team logo in the past 100 years. Each hat has a soft leather band, can be ordered with a low or high crown, short, medium or long bill, and can be worn in almost any casual-wear context. They're really beautiful.

Anyway, they normally cost like $45, which is worth it, but they're all 25% off for December. A perfect gift for a baseball fan you know, or just someone looking for really high quality streetwear. Or you.

A hint: they also sell returns for 50% off. Since it's a made-to-order business, you never know what you'll find available on the returns area of their site in your size, but it's always worth a look.


i've been looking everywhere for a place to score a 1948 boston braves cap in a size 8. thanks jesse!