Myths about "30 Rock"


Since 30 Rock won an Emmy, a lot of urban legends have spread about the show. Here are two of the most egregious:

* "The show started poorly." No, it didn't. It was always funny, you just had an attitude at first, and/or didn't get it. Is it tighter than it was in the first episode? Yeah, sure, like any sitcom. But it was great from the start. You're just covering your ass.

* "The show's success is largely due to Alec Baldwin." Yes, Alec Baldwin is funny. No, he is NOT the only or even main funny thing on the show. He is just the thing that you were already familiar with, Mr. TV Writer. Actually, Tracy Morgan is funnier, and Jack McBrayer is just as funny.

The television press made the same sorts of odd psuedo-attacks on the Office in the early days, which they now seem to regard as the greatest show ever. I think we're lucky to live in a world where these shows are on network television.

That said... I hope they straighten out the Rachel Dratch situation this year. She is one of my favorite comic actresses, but she was awful on the show last year. Not because she did a bad job portraying her various characters, but rather because her broad characterizations broke the tone of the show. She was performing them as written, but she consistently felt shoehorned in to the show's world. Wait... except for the cat wrangler. I liked the cat wrangler.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I shouldn't blog before 9AM.

Update: Todd Jackson has some great thoughts on all this on Dead-Frog.


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"The show started poorly." I agree with you. I hadn't really seen the show until I got the DVD a few weeks ago and I was like "what? which part of the first few episodes is bad?" The entire first season was sickening in its consistent funniness. Can't wait for the new ep tonight. I believe the episodes are going to be on for at least the following day so no one should have an excuse to miss 'em.

Thank you for calling out the first myth! That show ruled from the very start, and I too am tired of the "show started poorly" angle-- it's CYA. Admittedly the pacing was off for a few episodes, but the jokes were there, as were the performances. I had forgotten that the Office got the same treatment.

Thanks for the clarification

30Rock is my favorite. Tina is simply great. Of course, when a show becomes popular and have some success, its like a tradition in Hollywood to start making things up about it. Its just so sad. 30Rock rocks!

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"30 Rock" is certainly one

"30 Rock" is certainly one among my most favorite shows. The thing about the show being underestimated before is really sad. However its human tendency to underestimate things without knowing its potential. Hope that more shows like these come up in the future and keep entertaining us.

I'll say this: I didn't miss Rachel in the episodes she wasn't in. Also, I didn't miss Jane K in the episodes she wasn't in. Since Rachel and Tina have a pre-existing chemistry, then the first season should have been all the proof anyone needs to know that hiring Jane was a mistake. Besides, if the point was to have hot blond eye candy, Katrina Bowden will be just fine, TYVM. All that said: this is the funniest thing around right now. (I can't even watch the Office sometimes -- it's too on point. It's too good?)

I agree with you on everything, except McBrayer is funnier than Morgan.

Agreed that McBrayer is funnier that Morgan...Oh and the American Office's Pilot was awful in comparison to the original version of the same material but it has since gotten very good as well.

Yes, yes, absolutely yes. Jesse Thorn for TV President.

I want more Dr. Spaceman.

I dunno, Rachel Dratch's facial expressions can crack me up in any context. I can't wait for McBrayer's character to get into beyond funny almost absurd(Kramer) territory.

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