More Tom Lehrer


When I was in Tom Lehrer's class on the history of musical theater at UCSC, he would always mock my announcements about The Sound of Young America, but he would always let me share them. Whatta guy.

Above: a little bit of satire that's as apt today as it was back then... "Send the Marines."

Below: a bit of hilarious freelance misanthropy: "When You Are Old & Gray."

I'm not entirely sure who this 6funswede character who uploaded these vids is, or where he got them from, but God bless him. Don't miss "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," an all-time classic.


In summer camp, I almost won a lip-synching contest with an enthusiastic rendition of "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park." I love that man.

My high school chemistry teacher used to celebrate the first day of spring every year by playing Poisoning The Pigeons In The Park and laughing through the whole thing for every class.

You TOOK A CLASS with Tom Lehrer? You lucky, lucky bastard. I thought he only taught math...

I echo randbot's awe and dismay. That's a fine comedy upbringing you have there, sir.My favorite is "first you get down on your knees, fiddle with your rosaries...."

You were in the presence of The Master. Augghhh. You have certainly pwnd my ass, buster. I've loved this old curmudgeon ever since I was in high school in the mid-60's.Here's the Tom Lehrer LJ community ... Feel free to peek into it, and add your input if you wanna. Once again... GAWD! I seethe with envy. But I digress...

You have befuddled my simple brain so badly that I forgot to give you the url ~