"We are sleepwalking into the future."

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MaxFunster Neal pointed on our boards to this wonderful TED Talk from James Howard Kuntsler that is, essentially, a basic manifesto for The New Urbanism. It's fantastically funny and insightful, and will make you think about public space in a new way -- and about the future of American places with a new zeal.


I really agree with his Liebskin hatred. The new ROM "Crystals" of his are awful. They actually brag about him designing it on a napkin. It's going to look awful come winter.So many of these buildings seem to be designed as though they're made for dystopic sci-fi movies. Those are only cool blowing up in those movies.People don't love downtown Chicago and NYC for the recent buildings. Downtown LA is probably abondoned promptly at 5 pm weekdays because of them.