Brent Weinbach in Austin

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OK Austin: one of our all-time favorite comedians in the whole US of A is at Cap City Comedy Club this week, and you are under direct orders not to miss it. He's the man banned from CBS for being "too weird," the man who conducted a fart orchestra at The Sound of Young America Live in LA. He's been featured with the Comedians of Comedy at Coachella and at the Aspen Comedy Festival. He'll be there tonight through Saturday night, tickets are available here.

Another Sound of Young America Presents comedy performance!


There's a lot of positive online buzz about Weinbach but I caught his show on Saturday night at Cap City. I can't say if the guy was just having an off night or what but he bombed. He did some jokes that just got sympathy laughs. He did some jokes that got no laughs at all. Like I said, people seem to love him but he was just not on that night. I think he has a brand of comedy that is very "hit or miss". He definitely missed.