Living with Baduizm


Going to a lot of poetry slams lately? Do you find yourself preternaturally obsessed with rimshots? Do you keep talking about playing Jimi Hendrix in a movie? Is your rap album on sale at Starbucks?

You may be living with Baduizm. Luckily, the good people at Oh Word have scanned a wonderful pamphlet that can help you in your struggle with this debilitating disease.

I am fucking loving it.


oh please. you just called erika badu a rap artist. the gal does not do rap. get it right. you can call it soul, r and b, hip hop, whatever...but not rap.

Uhm... A) She does rap. B) I didn't call her a rap artist. I really have no idea what you're referring to.

I just looked this up again to show someone, and it looks like Badu responded in the comments section (for real) and had a sense of humor about it, too.