"'John From Cincinatti' is bad."


My favorite TV critic, Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle, has decided to let the cat out of the bag: Deadwood creator David Milch's new series "John From Cincinatti" is bad.

"John From Cincinnati" is bad. I love David Milch and he's definitely a misunderstood visionary and a real character in the TV business. But this show is a total mess.

My full review doesn't run until June 10 - it's the cover of the Sunday Pink section. But I figured you might want to get a head start on the anger and mourning and those thoughts of retribution. You know, have your gods ready for blood and all that. No sane person can pretend to know what Milch was thinking. It's his right as an artist and, as I've noted, a misunderstood visionary, to do as he wishes. But HBO? A total blunder. You don't let one of the great series on all of television fizzle out for...uh, for what? And even if those two two-hour movies do get made, they can't make up for the truncated legacy of "Deadwood."



Judge for yourself. Another critic called it "the greatest thing he's ever seen on television" and just had to write a review early. Tim also said he sat with the first three episodes and couldn't watch them...had a feeling of dread. Not exactly coming at it with an open mind now, is he?

Seriously, one review and your mind's made up?

Nope, Tim Goodman's mind is made up.

Hi Jesse, Being from that great city, I thought I'd let you know that it's spelled "Cincinnati." I know that's anal, but I don't care. Having also watched the preview for the show, I agree that it looks pretty bad. Although the preview did contain the fantastic line, "His name isn't John. And he's not from Cincinnati."

keep in mind tv critics are the low rung of the journalism ladderthe idea is to offer an informed critiqe of the show' not to show the world how snide you can be by using your limited vocabulary to shine light on your own frustration and failure