Betty Davis is ready to rip you a new one.

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Pitchfork is reporting that Light in the Attic Records will be re-issuing the discography of the great funkstress Betty Davis. I couldn't be more excited.

Davis's sound was almost definitional of funk -- with the Sly Stone rhythm section behind her, she pushed the limits of the outrageousness of Parliament-style funk while grounding the whole affair with raw, immediate vocal performances. It's something amazing to hear.

Here's a song from one of the records that's going to be re-released - Nasty Gal.

Betty Davis - F.U.N.K.


Man, you ain't kidding. A friend of mine burned me her CD and said of it "It terrified me and turned me on at the same time." Following which, I bought a new LP version of "They Say I'm Different" to play out. Wild, awesome stuff.