"Tiny Oscars, here we come."


Human Giant - Lil' 9-11 Trailer

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This new video from the Human Giant is amazing. Also, a little offensive, so if the idea of something called "Lil 9/11" offends you, don't watch it.


Really? I wasn't offended, but I'm surprised you find semi-touchy subject matter grafted to the ol' MAD TV-style substitution-instead-of-premise skitfilm amazing. Just seems like they're trying too hard. (Especially since the music at the end of the clip is by Death From Above 1979. Ooh! Eerie meta-pun! Love that track tho.)

In the immortal words of Nore, "what?"

That Death From Above song is the theme song for the show, it has nothing to do with the sketch or meta-puns.

I think it's been taken down.