LA Pilot Taping: "The Root of All Evil"


Come see a live taping of a new Comedy Central show, THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

Four hilarious comics and one hysterical judge are putting American culture on trial.

Starring LEWIS BLACK, ANDY DALY, GREG GIRALDO, PATTON OSWALT, PAUL F. TOMPKINS and created by David Sacks ("The Simpsons", "Malcom in the Middle") and Scott Carter (HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher", "Politically Incorrect").

Thursday, April 5

Hollywood Center Studios -- Stage 7
1040 N. Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, CA
(323) 575-4321

Audience members need to be at the stage by 4:00pm. If you (or someone you know!) would like to attend please contact Chris at (323) 575-4321 to RSVP.

Wow, that's a real murderer's row of talent. Sounds like a great time and a great TV show.


That does look good but I've never thought of Daly or Tompkins as cultural commentators like the others are. Maybe they'll surprise you, though. Hopefully the show will get picked up because I'd like to see this.

I realize that this has nothing to do with this post... though that show looks sweet... but I just heard the Kasper Hauser episode of This American Life and I thought I'd take a moment to congratulate them on creating some awesome satire. That's what it's all about.okay thanks for the time.-beach