"Box Office Poison"


This was the funniest thing I've ever seen on television, or at least on a talk show. I don't think I thought or talked about anything other than this for three solid weeks after I saw it. God bless Norm Macdonald, and God bless Conan O'Brien for going with it.


Holy poop! I've been looking for this clip for about 10 years! Basically ever since it aired. I only saw it once, and probably mention it once a month since seeing it. 10 merits for finding. Now I just need to find the clip when they released the goats with Fran Drescher. Then I can die happy

thank you.

Okay yeah, that was damn good.

This was pretty good, but as far as funny moments like this where a comedian roasts someone mercilessly, I'd have to vote for Colbert's appearance at the Press Club dinner with George Bush as being tops, 'cause Bush deserved it more than Carrot Top.