Arrested Development: New News (Same As the Old News)


The wonderful Brian Palmer (go visit his great site) comes through with this note from the boss of Television Without Pity, a fan forum website with a lot of cred:

I was coming out of my gym here in Toronto today and downstairs outside the Whole Foods market there's a guy with his French pug talking dog talk with someone. Super cute dog so I go in for a little owner-authorized pet.

The owner? One Jason Bateman.

I introduced myself (he's a super nice guy BTW and his hair is mesmerizing) and we get talking about the site and the show.

Here are the things I remember (and he gave full blessing to post the info as he loves the site and you guys but he's too shy and too cute to post on the boards):

- Mitch loves you guys and it was nice to see people getting the show and enjoying the show especially at times when network directives were "make the show 30% dumber"

- Showtime has picked up the show for 2 years at 12 episodes a year (maybe it was 13) with a third year option

- The ball is in Mitch's court and Jason said Mitch will be making that decision within the next 24-48 hours though I don't know if that means we'll know about it at that time or not

At least things seem to be coming to a head. My fingers are certainly crossed.


Also! Here's some news from the Hollywood Reporter that helps seperate fact from fiction.