A colorful retro logo that says MaxFun in blue and light yellow and beneath that, Block Party in yellow and orange,

MaxFun Block Party:
October 11 – 22, 2021!

This is your home on the internet for all things Block Party!

MaxFun Block Party is a new way to bring the MaxFun community together online for some fun, plus a little inspiration for you to try a new show or share a show you like.

During Block Party all MaxFun podcasts will be throwing open their (metaphorical) doors with an episode that is especially welcoming to new audiences. So if you’ve been wanting to introduce friends or family to a favorite show, or have been looking to try out something new yourself, come on in!

Fun stuff:

We also have a bunch of games, recommendations, and activities you can enjoy throughout the two weeks of Block Party (and beyond)! Read on and click through to learn more about each one.

a photo of maxfun staff surrounding piles of boxes of care kits

Doing Good With MaxFun

MaxFun fans are the most generous and caring folks we know, and we’ve been wanting to help people get together for a volunteer event for a while now. So, for the full two weeks of Block Party, we’re going to be encouraging MaxFunsters to take a bit of time to do some good in their neighborhoods–and MaxFun staff will be doing the same. We assembled care kits for LifeKit LA and will be making bookmarks for Liberation Library on Wednesday. To get some volunteer inspiration, check out our handy guide.

a colorful illustrated poster full of all MaxFun hosts having fun at a Block Party

A Block Party-exclusive poster!

Want to hang your favorite podcasts on your wall? We’re selling this delightful Block Party-exclusive poster illustrated by Paul G. Hammond (who also made our beautiful Block Party logo!). Pre-orders are open until October 25, 2021, so buy yours now and bring Block Party to your home! (Want to see if you can guess who’s who on the poster?)

Screenshot of MaxFun's YouTube page which shows an illustration of a squirrel sitting on a desk at MaxFunHQ with the blinds open to reveal a city at dusk

MaxFun Radio!

Tune in to MaxFun Radio to enjoy podcasts all day and all night. Throughout the two weeks of Block Party, we’ll be streaming episodes of MaxFun shows on our YouTube channel. So wander on in whenever you’re looking for something to try out and maybe you’ll discover a new show you love! We’ll also have the chat going if you want to say hi to folks!

A bingo card with a teal background and light yellow squares filled with text

Block Party Bingo (with prizes)!

Grab a Block Party bingo card and mark off the squares with actions that you’ve done. Once you’ve got bingo. submit a pic of your bingo card to us for a chance to win a prize pack! 

A screenshot of the community picks page

Community Picks

Want to suggest your own favorite “start here” episodes for your MaxFun friends? You can do that over at our Community Picks page! And while you’re over there, check out some of the recommendations from MaxFun staff and others!

5 pairs of logos for MaxFun shows

Meet the Neighbors mini-sodes!

Block Party is an ideal time to Meet the Neighbors, so some of our shows got together with other shows to record a fun chat and get to know each other a little better. These mini-sodes will be dropped into the show’s feeds throughout Block Party and we’ll add links here as well!

Dead Pilots Society x The Greatest Generation

Shmanners x Tights and Fights

One Bad Mother x Just the Zoo of Us

Go Fact Yourself x Depresh Mode

My Brother, My Brother and Me x Maximum Film!

A screenshot of the Block Party Playlist on Spotify

Block Party playlist!

MaxFun staff, producers, and shows have all added songs to this big Block Party playlist! For a listing of who submitted what, tap here

We’ll have a few more surprises so be sure to follow @maxfunhq on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date (and say hi)!