Amita Patel

Amita Patel is an experienced Senior Producer with over 15 years of experience crafting entertaining and engaging shows online and on Network and Cable Television. She has worked with a number of networks including NBC, ABC, VH1, A&E, History, BBC America, YouTube, IBM and Sony.

A 1st generation Indian American, Amita could have been a doctor or an engineer, but growing up watching the unlikely combination of Saturday morning cartoons, ​The Oprah Winfrey Show, Square One, A Different World and ​The Today Show inspired her to become a television producer and pop culture obsessive. Thanks Mom and Dad!

A born and bred Jersey girl, Amita left the Garden State and currently resides right across the river in Manhattan. When she’s not working, going to film screenings and trying to find the best Moscow Mule in NYC, she spends her free nights on her couch with popcorn, red wine and a 83% full DVR.