Adam Ruins Everything: Episode 12 Solving Homelessness with Rudy Salinas and Dorothy Edwards

Adam Conover
Rudy Salinas
Dorothy Edwards

Homelessness is a chronic problem we see everyday, and we might feel hopeless in our efforts to fix it. But today's guests actually have a solution that has been proven to curb homelessness. And it's been right in front of the whole time -- literally give people homes! Rudy Salinas and Dorothy Edwards, who appeared on Adam Ruins Housing, work for Housing Works LA, an organization which creates accessible housing and service options by actually giving people homes and ensuring they can stay in those homes.

Rudy is Housing Works' Program Director, and Dorothy is a Homeless Advocate who was homeless herself for 15 years. On the podcast, Dorothy shares her inspiring personal story from being homeless to now working for Housing Works, how Housing Works targets at the most vulnerable homeless people, how giving people homes is economically the best option for all of us.

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