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Valerie is a worker-owner of the co-op.

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Valerie Moffat is a producer at Maximum Fun. Born and raised in beautiful Tempe, Arizona, she holds most of a degree from Arizona State University. She lives in Los Angeles with her beloved cat Bigby.

Here are some things about Valerie: She plays a few instruments, she has tweeted the same picture of Garfield every single Friday without fail since early 2020, and her Spotify Wrapped once said she was in the top 0.005% of Carly Rae Jepsen listeners that year. (Is she… you know? Yes she is.) She knows way too much about the rules of Dungeons & Dragons, and dreams of someday piloting a mech suit. She’s fascinated with the development of internet culture and the ways people are funny online.

Most importantly, Valerie is very cool and nice and easy to get along with.

Photo credit: Meg Potter

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