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Melissa Dueñas


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Melissa Dueñas’ basketball career peaked in 6th grade.

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Melissa Dueñas’ basketball career peaked in 6th grade. Her team, the Ira Harbison Hurricanes were the undefeated champions in her hometown National City also known as Nasty City. She has not picked up a basketball or grown an inch since.

Now she is, yes, a washed-up baller, but also somewhat of a perpetual dabbler. If you ask her why, she will say it stems from her curious nature, but if you ask her therapist she will say Melissa has commitment issues.

Some of her past dabblings include ballet folklórico, collage art and writing about her feelings stream-of-consciousness style and calling it poetry. Some of her current dabblings include boxing, film photography and being obsessed with Wesley Snipes in Blade. Although a many a folks have said she sounds like a cartoon character she has yet to add voice acting to her dabblings list.

Throughout all of these amusing detours (and despite what her therapist thinks) Melissa has always been committed to two things, music and talking to strangers. A few years ago, Melissa realized radio and podcasting are the perfect mediums to meld her two loves into the ultimate super-passion; she has been obsessed ever since.

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