Kristen Bennett


Kristen is a native Texan who moved to LA to pursue acting and love.

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Kristen is a native Texan who moved to LA to pursue acting and love. As a native Texan, she is contractually obligated to bring this up when introducing herself to new people. Neither the acting nor the love worked out as initially planned but both situations eventually sorted themselves out and led her to Max Fun. She does miss good BBQ and Tex-Mex.

Kristen attended Texas A&M University and St. Edward’s University and holds a BA in Acting with a minor in Religious Studies.

Most of her career has been spent working as an educator where she has worked as everything from an artist in residence to a grant administrator to a recruiter. So, naturally, her next career move was podcasting. She spends her free time as an aspiring policy wonk, master of pub trivia, and bourbon connoisseur.

She has a 9 year old boxer-mix named Daisy who makes a great snuggle companion when editing her podcast Your Fave is Problematic.

Photo credit: Mary Friesen

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