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Communications Specialist

C.N. is a worker-owner of the co-op.

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Cassandra Noah “C.N.” Josephs is Maximum Fun’s Communications Specialist.

C.N. is an art school dropout whose twisting career path led them through a film festival, a Girl Scout store, an insurance office, and a public library before depositing them at Maximum Fun as the Transcription Coordinator. In 2023, after four years of working on transcripts, they swapped that hat out to work as MaxFun’s resident Communications Specialist. Between their role at MaxFun, their freelance writing, and an ever-growing list of personal projects, C.N. probably spends more time writing than they do sleeping. (Okay, definitely. They definitely spend more time writing than sleeping.)

As a nearly-lifetime resident of Seattle, C.N. can often be found hiding from the rain inside a Starbucks while insisting that stereotypes about his city aren’t true at all. When not at work, he enjoys drawing, crafting, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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