About Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a freewheeling comedy podcast about life in your twenties and everything else. Your hosts are Jesse Thorn, “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” and Jordan Morris, “Boy Detective.”

Jordan and Jesse met in 2000, when Jesse, a sophomore at UC Santa Cruz, was Jordan’s resident advisor. They became fast friends, and along with “Big Time” Gene O’Neill, started The Sound of Young America in the winter of that year.

Jordan graduated in 2004, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television. Jesse went solo.

In 2007, Jesse moved to Los Angeles, and Jordan, Jesse, Go! was born. The goal was to capture the adventurous spirit of the original Sound of Young America programs, and take advantage of the unparalleled interactivity of the web.

The show has been chosen as “Best of iTunes” and is frequently among the top comedy podcasts in the directory. Past guests have included Rob Corddry, Jonathan Goldstein, Kurt Anderson, Chris Hardwick, Jimmy Pardo and many others.

You can call Jordan, Jesse, Go! at 206-984-4FUN, or email jjgo@maximumfun.org.