Half-Pac, Half Amazing


Hey Everybody! Kimberly here. I was so broken-hearted over not being able to share our full episode about Tupac and special thanks to Greg Edwards of Thug Notes for stopping through. Hope you enjoyed the 12 minutes that we did manage to save. Oh and for the record, during our Hip-Hop Quotables segment, I have never in my life read (out loud) so many vile and profane things within a 20 second time span. It was so ridiculously foul I couldn't even get through the reading of the lyrics without laughing. You would have to listen to the episode to know what I'm speaking of. Well, the real reason why I'm writing this is to give you guys some inside on why we chose to talk about Tupac. It all stemmed from a heated discussion Jasper and I had about Pac. I told Jasper that in my opinion Tupac was a "slightly above average" rapper. (this is in terms of rhyming skills) Yes shots were fired - verbal shots that is. We agreed to disagree on several points made but the huge thing that we disagreed on was whether Tupac was a living legend or did he become a legend in death. What do you guys think? I'm really interested in what the people have to say about this. I don't know if we scrapped all of the audio from the episode, but maybe I can talk Jasper into releasing it, despite the poor quality. Feel free to chime in, was Tupac a legend in life or did he become a legend in death?


Legend in death.

First off, I thought the Talking to the Dead segment was pretty damn great. I'd enjoy hearing more things of that caliber.

Now, if Tupac hadn't been killed in his prime where would he be today? I feel he is remembered for his talent, and he was a very talented individual. He didn't have the chance to fade into obscurity with a younger generation, star in nothing but television crime dramas, start a crazy franchise based around family vacations gone awry, or just plain disappear off the radar completely. Hell, he didn't get to waste away in the hell that is "reality" television either.

He is cemented in my mind as a legend in death. I believe the chance to prove he was a legend in life never came to fruition. Just think of any random rapper or actor who was incredibly popular then became the butt end of a joke due to later actions. If those people had been gunned down in their prime they might have been legends in death as well.

I am by no means a big

I am by no means a big listener to hip hop, but I am taking Kim's side on this one. Hard to say how we might feel differently about him were he still here making records. On another note, digging the show immensely.