The 2013 MaxFunDrive Gifts!


We are delighted to present this year's MaxFunDrive thank you gift line-up! To get these awesome gifts, just become a new monthly member or upgrade your monthly membership level by April 12!

If you sign on as a MaxFun member at the $200 per month level, we will cover your registration on the inaugural Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival. Party with us and some of the best and brightest in the comedy and music worlds! On a boat!

Get the complimentary Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival Registration

Become a member at $100 per month or more, and you'll earn a spot in The Inner Circle. Each month, hosts from one of the MaxFun podcasts will send you their current culture pick, along with a note about what they love about it and a physical copy or download code to get it yourself. Get excited about going to your mailbox again!

Join the Inner Circle, and get a culture pick mailed to you each month

A toast to our donors! Beautifully engraved with our signature rocket logo, these custom rocks glasses will exhibit style and charm at your next cocktail gathering. Become a MaxFun member at $35 per month or more, and we'll send you a pair.

Get a pair of rocket rocks glasses

Become a member at the $20 per month level and above, and we'll send you our Intimate Sensations Pack. Brought to you by our friends at [NSFW! ;)], the Intimate Sensations Pack is sure to please!

[1] Trinity Velvafeel Turbo Massager -- This pint-sized massager comes with four head attachments and is perfect for all of your massaging needs.

[2] RocketLube Natural Water Based Lubricant -- Glycerin and paraben free, this lubricant comes highly recommended from the folks at Extreme Restraints -- and they know their lubricants. Plus, it features the stately Maximum Fun rocket on the label. What's not to love?

[3] Black Satin Mask -- Light-weight and comfy, this mask can block out any bothersome light and help you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a night of restful beauty sleep. Or...?

Would you prefer our classic, handsome rocket t-shirt to the Intimate Sensations Pack? No problem! You will have the option to select a t-shirt instead when you donate. Please note: the Intimate Sensations Pack is only available to donors 18 years and older. If you are under 18, we will send you a rocket t-shirt by default.

Get the Intimate Sensations Pack

Show the world that you love MaxFun while listening to the shows you love! Join at the $10 per month level or higher, and you can! These earbuds sound great, fit comfortably, and are tastefully adorned with our beautiful rocket logo. Perfect for enjoying your favorite podcasts on the go!

Get the MaxFun earbuds

And of course, all members who donate $5 per month or more gain access to our exclusive, donors-only bonus content hub. HOURS of entertainment await you. Join now and start listening!

Thinking about donating? Go to to learn more or sign up!

If you have any questions about donations or thank-you gifts, feel free to email me (lindsay at maximumfun dot org).

Thank you to Brian Fernandes of Brianstorm Creative for these beautiful gift mock ups!