Tears? No... that can't be right.

When I heard this for the first time on the More Information audiobook it nearly made me cry for some reason. It was one of those funny songs that takes a screwdriver and starts to fiddle with your innards. I'm still not quite sure why but that being said, it was an extremely pleasant surprise.

A Strinking Resemblence

Hodgman looks like Leon Redbone's younger, chubbier brother. How much spirit gum does it take to keep that caterpillar from crawling off his face?

While I'm looking at it, Coulton looks like Kris Kritofferson circa "A Star is Born."

-Basil V.

Ladies and Gentlemen

May I introduce the most talented Judge in all the podcast land. Well done, Sir, well done... you too, Coulton.

Where is this magical place they are singing?


I saw Hodgman sing this at Wits in St. Paul 18 months ago, sans Coulton. Trivial and existentially poignant, like all of Hodgman's work.