Spike Jonze's Hip-Hop Masterpiece: What's Up Fatlip?


With all the buzz over the upcoming Jonze-directed video for Jay and Kanye's "Otis," I thought I'd share my own favorite Jonze video. Actually - it's my favorite video ever.

The Pharcyde had dissolved by the time Fatlip cut this track, and it lived as a one-off single for years before Lip got it together to actually cut a whole record. I don't think the pathetic tone was manufactured or satirical, though Fatlip has always been a funny guy. It's a remarkable inversion of hip-hop aesthetics, and it's hilarious and touching at the same time.


This is my favourite video too!

I watch it over and over. Every shot is so stunning beautiful, and I can't figure out why - they all show perfectly ordinary things. I think the tone of it, through the words, music and images is so touching too. This is the true meaning of keeping it real. Also the line "on Pico boulevard I was regarded as a retard"


Fatlip in a Jumper! I teach

Fatlip in a Jumper!

I teach a high school class on Digital Storytelling. I'm now planning to show this in the music video unity, maybe right after Mo Money Mo Problems. Thanks, Jesse!