"F For Fake"


Above: Peter Bogdanovich talks about Orson Welles' cinematic essay "F For Fake." If you've never seen the film, see it. Like... NOW. One of my five favorite films of all time. It's a meditation on the nature of authorship, storytelling and authenticity. Issues that were important when Welles made the film, in the 70s, but have only grown more important since. It's also very funny, as well as profound.

Below is the scene that Bogdanovich alludes to in his remarks: an exploration of one of man's greatest achievements, the cathedral at Chartres.


Oh man, you like F for Fake

Oh man, you like F for Fake too? Clearly, we gotta talk about F for Fake sometime.

This, 100 times over

I just wanted to pile on here and say that everyone should watch this movie. It's on Netflix Instant Streaming right this second. Go, go on. For me.

-Justin McElroy