WTF: The Public Radio Show!


For about six months now, Sound of Young America editor Nick White and I have been working on a secret project. Now, the secret can be revealed... please welcome WTF with Marc Maron, the public radio series!

We've taken the hundreds of episodes of the WTF podcast and boiled them down to what we think is ten hours of exceptionally compelling radio. We've chosen the best stories and the best guests and made a ten-episode public radio series, produced by Marc, Nick and me.

Thanks to the kind support of Torey Malatia and Ira Glass, our first station commitment came from WBEZ and Chicago Public Media. We've got lots of other stations on tap, but feel free to let your station know it's available on PRX and that you love it. We hope that stations will air it this summer and early fall all over the country. (It was Torey and Ira's insistence, by the way, that led us to keep the name "WTF".)

If you want to hear the show, you can check it out, share it and review it on PRX. Our goal was to capture what makes WTF special and communicate it to folks who aren't comedy nerds - or even necessarily comedy fans. I think they sound wonderful.

Here's the first episode:

And here are the great promos Ira made out of the kindness of his (very kind) heart:


Super good news!

I'll call WNYC tomorrow and suggest they ad one of the best interview shows out there!

You guys make my days allright.

Warm regards,
Tuf Pak

Donating to maxfun

As a recent first-time donor to Maximum Fun (during the last pledge drive), I'm suddenly feeling even better about that donation. A very well though out project. I originally found my way to WTF via references on jjgo or tsoya, and there's a ton of great stuff there.

Maron to Maximum Fun

Will we be seeing Marc Maron as an official Maximum Fun partner, like SPY and MBMBAM?

No, Marc has a great thing

No, Marc has a great thing going at We're just working together on this public radio business.

Way to go

I've been listening to WTF for about a year and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Glad it will get a wider audience. Maybe someday that will be me... Here's hoping!


This is a great development for what you both do (Marc Maron & Maximum Fun posse). Can't wait to see it picked
up in New England/northeast!

WCIU in Cape Cod was our

WCIU in Cape Cod was our first pickup, thanks to radio genius Jay Allison. Hopefully more!

Well done

Great news! I'm licensing and posting right away for Public Radio Remix. Add three call letters to the pickup list 90.3 KPBZ, 88.7 WREM, and XM123.

I wasn't aware Torey Malatia

I wasn't aware Torey Malatia was a real person. All the stuff he says at the end of This American Life episodes always sounds like it was pulled from the episodes.