Me on IFC's The Grid


The kind folks at IFC have invited me to contribute to a new show called The Grid. They call it "informative entertainment for the short attention span set." Essentially, it's pop culture picks from a variety of folks... myself included. The show premiers tonight at 7:45 Eastern on IFC, but you can see my first segment above. Unlike some people, I'm not a seasoned TV veteran, but I really enjoyed the experience. From what I understand, you can look forward to regular contributions from yours truly in the coming weeks.

My special thanks, by the way, to the MaxFunsters who helped me pick videos via the forum and Twitter!


The Grid

So this Grid thing has a video game expert and it isn't Jordan.

What the fuck is up with that?

Loved seeing you on The

Loved seeing you on The Grid!!! Can't wait to see more of your segments. We're setting our Tivo right now.

Do something!

Jesse, do something with your arms while you talk!

Unless you're not supposed to move your arms so you can be properly green-screened, you've gotta move those motherfuckers. I thought you had been paralyzed or something!