Beyonce - Work It Out


This was Beyonce's first solo single - a track from the Austin Powers 2 soundtrack. Produced by the Neptunes. One of my favorite Beyonce songs even now. This was one of the Neptunes most productive periods - after they'd established their signature sound, and started to get a little odd. I'm also a big fan of their album Clones, from right around this same time. Roscoe P. Coldchain's "Hot", which featured Pusha T from the Clipse and Boobonic from Philly's Most Wanted still bangs. Anyway, this Beyonce song is a jam. Sorry about all the Austin Power in the video.


Jesse if you like that then I

Jesse if you like that then I have a feeling you'll LOVE this:

One of my favourite mashups of all time (featuring this track along with some dave matthews and jurassic 5)

Nice call. I remember this

Nice call. I remember this song; it IS a jam.

(Also, and I'm ashamed to point this out, but this is from "Goldmember", which is technically Austin Powers 3.)