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I understand, I suppose,

I understand, I suppose, getting rid of most things, but a toilet? How is that not just an excuse for him to be a dick to his neighbors?

I'ma go ahead and say it

I CANNOT stand Kristen Wiig. Her "Look at me! I'm so AWKWARD!" style is grating, and has been done better besides. Not a fan.

internet memes stink

exactly right. I'm going to find a cat, a piano, a cute kid and a tricycle to make a youtube video about how internet memes stink.


Troy from Hattiesburg sez:

Blunts has solid point (and a link to an AWESOME site for those interested in bounce) about the lack of hip-hop in Treme. What I think we're forgetting, though, is that the bounce scene (artists and venues, but especially the fans) was hit hardest by the storm. Whereas many of the jazz/brass musicians had enough scratch or connections to get out out town and back, the bounce scene was blown all over the country, and most of the fanbase was still pretty far from being able to return when Treme kicked off (three months post-Katrina). Combine that with the fact that bounce is a really underexplored and poorly documented genre, and you get Treme's reliance on jazz/brass/soul.

I think that as the show goes on, and as the writers become more comfortable with the city and whatnot, we'll get a much more diverse picture of New Orleans music. There are other things about the show I like a lot less than the soundtrack.

Internet Meme

Internet memes aren't anything new. They're just the modern version of any cultural fad. I mean, people still make "Where's the beef?" jokes. For as long as there are people who, when hearing something amusing, will repeat it to other people, those of us who pay closer attention to culture will tire of it and begin to loathe those who perpetrate it.