Van Morrison - Domino (Live in 1977)


I have in the past mentioned that I am no great fan of the music of the whites. My people have made great contributions to musical culture, certainly, but mostly it's not for me. A little country music, Randy Newman, not much else. Van Morrison, though? Yeah.

My stepmother is from Belfast, and I think Van Morrison and Sinead O'Connor are pretty much the only two musicians I've ever heard her say an admiring word about. You know why? Because they kick ass.

I'm not really that into the folky hippy-dippy Van Morrison that a lot of other people seem to love, but this right here is some serious, kick-ass soul music. You could put on this or TB Sheets and just listen over and over.


Domino video clip with Van Morrison

Midnight Special was a great TV show back in the 70's, remembering seeing this broadcast back then. Notice Elvin Bishop on lead guitar, who had the song Fooled Around and Fell In Love is playing his red Gibson 335 and Mickey Thomas who sang lead vocals on Fooled around fell in love, is on the clip as well, later on was lead singer in Jefferson Star Ship. And notice the guys wearing Bell Botton Pants...Times were Groovey, and the Soul Music was Tight..... Definitely a piece of music history on this clip, thanks so much... Doc Dockery

There was a period of a few

There was a period of a few months when I listened to Van Morrison's "Saint Dominic's Preview" at least once a day. Really, most anything that guy does is gold, and I love that he's such a curmudgeonly sonofabitch, too.
You know who else is a terrific UK soul shouter dude- Terry Reid. He was supposed to be in Led Zeppelin, but instead made a string of mostly ignored solo records that are effing fantastic.
Also, Rod Stewart. Seriously. Get a load o' this jam: Rod Stewart & PP Arnold- Come Home Baby

His Band and the Street Choir

"Domino" is the lead track on "His Band and the Street Choir." That's my favorite of his albums. I do like "Domino," but it's middle-of-the-pack on that album. "Virgo Clowns" is my favorite off the album, but it doesn't fit Jesse's requirements, but some of the others would.

"Redwood Tree" (off "St. Dominc's Preview") would fit in being upbeat and ass-kicky. Same with his version of "John Henry" from the Philosopher's Stone set. Basically, anything from 1979's "Into the Music" and before is pretty great, though it begins to get less bluesy in the late 70s.


Tupelo Honey is the greatest

Tupelo Honey is the greatest album. You will totally love it, I think.