Coming Soon to Stop Podcasting Yourself


I harbor not-so-secret ambitions to make the world hub of things that are awesome. Today, I am proud to announce a big step in that direction: the addition of Stop Podcasting Yourself to the stable of podcasts.

Hosts Dave Shumka and Graham Clark have been hosting one of the funniest little shows on the internet from their hideout in Vancouver, British Columbia for a couple of years now. They've built quite a following, but I always felt that their following wasn't quite as big as it should be, so I'm proud that we can help bring their charming and hilarious show to a wider audience.

The guys have been active MaxFunSters for years, and their show has been an active topic of discussion in our forum. I'd recommend starting with this episode, featuring MaxFunPal and You Look Nice Today star Scott Simpson, or this one, with Paul F. Tompkins if you haven't yet been initiated into SPY's growing cult.

We're building out the SPY page here at MaxFun as I write this - expect it in the next week or two. In the meantime, check out the show in iTunes



Sorry, I'm a contrarian. Graham and Dave do an awesome podcast. I hope this marriage is as long and fulfilling as that of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson. Too soon?


This is great news. Graham and Dave deserve all the accolades that the maxfun family can bestow.


Awesome. Just...awesome. Stop

Awesome. Just...awesome. Stop Podcasting Yourself + MaxFun = unstoppable something.

This is wonderful. I have

This is wonderful. I have often wondered why podcasts don't do this type of thing more. It seems like every new show I listen to struggles to build a web page and a forum and a store for t-shirts and have some kind of donation infrastructure. So much of the effort could be combined.

Also, we're just a little bit

Also, we're just a little bit closer to the Coco/Grandpa dogcast.

So pleased with this union.


I am a very loyal bumper (SPY fan for those not in the know), and I am so excited about this! More people need to know about this podcast and I'm glad they've found a home at Maxfun!

This could be the greatest

This could be the greatest thing to ever happen to podcasting.


Great news!


I have no idea what this means from a practical standpoint BUT I AM EXCITED!!! JJGo and SPY are 2 of my favorite things in the world.


It's like when Peanut Butter met Chocolate...

("Peanut Butter" and "Chocolate" being the names of my two dogs; and let me tell you--THEY HUMP LIKE CRAZY!)


i have been listening to SPY since show 22 - this his fantastic news!


Mike Lewis

Hooray! Finally all my

Hooray! Finally all my favorites together in one place.

welcome to The Boner Society,

welcome to The Boner Society, Dave and Graham!

Amazing news

As a fellow Vancouverite this news is tremendously exciting!!

I highly recommend both Jon

I highly recommend both Jon Dore episodes and Adam Lisagor's episode




This is exciting. I like to imagine that someday all my favorite things will be in one place. That is now one step closer to reality.


Way to go!

Awesomeness awareness is awesome