Jesse and Jordan on the Adam Carolla Podcast


Jordan and I had a blast heading over to Adam Carolla's garage, checking out his vintage race cars and recording a podcast. Both Jordan and I think Carolla is an exceptionally gifted comic mind and a big asset to the world of podcasting.

There's a player below, you can check it out on, or grab it in iTunes.


Anywhere to find this?

I have really, REALLY scoured the internet trying to find this episode (since the Adam Carolla Podcast Archive no longer hosts it) and have found traces of it -at one point it went by the name 2010.03.04.ACP.Jesse.Thorn.Jordan.Morris.mp3 on rapidshare but has since been deleted.

Instead of me just getting a life, is there any way you could host the file so faithful listeners have the opportunity to hear this epic crossover episode?

Adam Carolla Podcast

Your episode had the best fan reaction I've ever seen for a guest on the ACP, nice work!

I hope you guys have time to do another episode very soon.

great show

that closet case carolla clearly wanted to mount your tender norcal meat


I gotta say, that show was superb! Jesse, I love the way you snuck in those classic NFL kicker names--I felt I could visualize Adam's surprised smile and double-take. (And his Jan Stenerud rejoinder was brilliant.) That was f-ing hilarious. I was kind of hoping you'd segue into your expert zone and blow him away with late '80's SF Giants references. Maybe save that for your next show with him.

Also, it was fascinating to hear the give-and-take between your two styles. I thought Adam did a great job of letting you guys set a rhythm, but then you both also knew when to let him riff. It was like an inter-species shark dance, but between sharks who really like each other, and have no intention of biting. And that's assuming sharks dance, which they should, if they don't. Come on, sharks, don't disappoint. I've been disappointed too many times in my life.

Great, great show.

adam carolla show

Adam Carolla show!I loved it , I'm a big fan of both shows.I also loved your episode with uh yeah dude.You guys keep me laughing at work,despite my shitty job, thanx


It was awesome you guys were great!

Hot Stuff

May I say Jesse that you look great in this photograph. Jordan... a little more hustle next time.

So Awesome

I truly love when people collaborate in this case do a podcast and it works like peanut butter and chocolate this was awesome great podcast Jesse and Jordan your stand up guy's keep up the great work.

your fan,


I can't wait to listen to the show! I started listening to Adam Carolla after Jordan mentioned it on JJGo and it's become one of my favorites. And now all of my boyfriends are on one show? Jackpot.


But not long enough! Do you think you'd like to get him on JJGO?


You boys are looking *good*