We need a new JJGo t-shirt!


Email your entries to mariel@maximumfun.org.
Include a screen-printable vector-based file (eps or pdf) and a 500 pixel-wide mockup we can post here.

Three entries per person max.
The NEW Deadline is 9AM pacific, Thursday, November 12th.

You must use shirt colors available from Alternative Apparel's Basic T line

Winners will receive:
$100 in MaxFunGoods from the MaxFunStore
Credit and a link to your site from the item in the store
Jesse, Jordan, or Jesse and Jordan's voice on your answering machine or voicemail saying basically whatever you want.
A box of books and CDs and other miscellaneous crap Jesse wants to get rid of from the books and CDs and crap that come in to MFHQ all the time.

Also note:
we may eventually make more than one if we get really excited. Any beyond the winner will be negotiated individually, we won't just use it without asking, because we're not dicks.

You're up against these guys so: bring it!


i came to look at the details

i came to look at the details of the contest, having decided to participate. but, that jamie tanner shirt is so good that it took the fight right out of me.

keep at it!

Guys dont be discouraged, we might be picking more than one design so:

Send me your submissions
, there's no right or wrong here!