Fugazi - "Waiting Room"


I'm preparing to interview Ian MacKaye, and this clip jumped out at me. Fantastic.


art over politics

I agree with the comments made by "Someone". There are plenty of sources for info on the politics and unique ethics of Fugazi (unique to the music industry, anyway). Ian's personal feelings on the now distant hardcore days are also well documented in print and film.

I'd love to hear a contemporary interview. What now? What next? How does he feel about current ideas in art and music and the people who make it?

The old punk in me also can't help but be curious about his thoughts on the direction his old friend Henry Rollins career has taken (from like-minded artist crusading for intelligence and ethics, to portraying a Nazi rapist on a television show about how awesome and smart Biker gangs are).


Could you ask him about writing and performing music?

Everyone always asks him about the music industry and politics and I feel that he's said his piece. It's like the old interviews with Spike Lee, when the questions were always about politics and never acknowledging that he's a filmmaker who makes artistic decisions as part of his work.

He plays a baritone guitar now and doesn't sound like anyone else ever. He's also really really funny. Go see the interview he did with Ian Svenonius.

I grew up in D.C. and saw Fugazi play before they had their first e.p. and it's really the music thats important.

He also just had a kid. I haven't heard him talk about that.

That is a classic video. I

That is a classic video. I cannot express how excited I am to hear you will be interviewing Ian. This will be amazing I am sure. You must ask if Fugazi will ever play live and/or record again. I NEED to see them again. Good luck!
-Brian Brewer

I hope the interview goes

I hope the interview goes well Jesse! MacKaye was certainly a big influence in my life, someone who who has been successful while sticking to core values.

-Ian Brill