Prince - Head (Live in 1981)


Sometimes I think "Dirty Mind" might surpass "Sign O the Times" as my favorite Prince album. SO MANY POWER JAMS.


1. Dirty Mind's the best. If

1. Dirty Mind's the best. If you love the DM power jams, you should hunt down his massive vault of outtakes sometime. (called The Work)

2. Speaking of power jams, here's a sort of opium-like one courtesy of Nile & 'Nard:

That album is one big 30

That album is one big 30 minute long power jam. Thus why its the Prince album I keep listening to.

Dirty Mind...

Is at least my second or third favorite Prince album after 1999. It's hard to pick between Dirty Mind, Sign O' The Times and Purple Rain for 2nd and 3rd, although the last one's songs stand better individually as pop artistic statements than as one whole, whereas Dirty Mind is practically a concept album in its sheer lewdness. Great stuff.