Announcing: Put This On


Are you a guy who dresses like a 13-year-old?

One who's interested in stepping it up a notch?

Does your girlfriend buy your pants?

Or... are you a style guy?

Someone who has more neckties than he'd care to admit?

More shoes than your wife?

Either way... Adam Lisagor and I are planning a web series for you.

It's called "Put This On," and it's for men who want to dress like grownups. Stylish, handsome grownups.

We're funding our pilot through Kickstarter, a cool new website that makes it easy to fund projects. Here's how it works: you make a pledge. If we meet our funding goal, you pay up (automatically), and the project launches. If we fail to meet it, you don't have to pay.

Video production is expensive and time consuming, and we're trying this new model to pay our bills. I think that with your help, it'll work. And that the product will be really valuable to a lot of people.

We've got until the end of the month. Let's do it!


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The unfortunate problem with

The unfortunate problem with putthison is that neither you nor Mr. Lisagor has any idea how to dress. Evidently someone gave the two of you enough accolades to think that you have something to add to the discussion, but in reality the site has so far been a guide to picking out affectations of the 1950s that only a gentleman who served in WW2 could pull off without being snickered at. Neither silly sweaters nor ugly wingtips nor outrageous jackets make you look like an adult, it makes you look like an ass.

Mind you I love YLNT and I enjoy Jordan Jesse Go very much, but neither excuses your awful fashion advice.


I saw your kickstarter post as I was listening to the Blueprint 3 stream, and Jay-Z raps:

yeah i got on flip flops
white louis boat shoes
yall should grow the fuck up
come here let me coach you

Are you Jay-Z?

may i suggest...

...having a "shorts" bit in the first episode(s). You continually mock cargo shorts to the point of me becoming insecure about wearing them, yet searching through various department stores, 90% of what they offer is either a cargo short or an athletic short.

Put This On

Better you than Clinton on What Not To Wear!!!! Obviously folks think it will be a go you got the dollars I think its great.


that was quick

its much more artistic

its much more artistic leaning to the side

how to rotate the video

Unfortunately it's an issue

Unfortunately it's an issue with Kickstarter -- the video is correctly oriented, but their processing forces it into horizontal orientation, which turns it on its side.