Cello Cello Cello Cello Cello Cello Cello


The Who perform A Quick One While He's Away on the Rolling Stones' Rock & Roll Circus.

Via Cody on the forum's Music Video thread.



Word on the street is that the Stones didn't release this for c. 30 years because The Who blew them away on their own show.

And the Dirty Mac are awesome.

I cannot recommend this enough.


Maximum R&B on Maximum Fun = Awesome

If any band today could muster this kind of genuine enthusiasm and balls-to-the-wall performances, I'd be beside myself with joy.

About the cellos...

...John Entwistle thought up the idea of singing the word 'cello' in place of where The Who originally wanted cellos played in the song, but were too poor at the time to afford them!