George Jones "The Race Is On"


Part of Jesse's Country Music Self-Improvement Project.


selam hi This sounds

Great video, i like it! games

Great video, i like it! games

What a star

Thanks for spreading the word about George Jones, in support of the Self-Improvement of America, Jesse. He's a star in the best sense of the word.

For my favorite George Jones moment, anyone listening should check out "Bone Dry" from the 1980 comeback album "I Am What I Am." The funniest/sincerest song that I know of in the funniest/sincerest genre of music there is.

(See also Buck Owens "Waiting in Your Welfare Line;" Ray Price "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You," Johnny Paycheck "I Can't Quit Drinking")

Bone Dry is one of my

Bone Dry is one of my favourite songs of all time, I can never get bored with it. I've never hear of Johnny Paycheck so will check it out direct mail services