American Gods (Review), Pepe The Frog, French Election, Family Kicked Off Flight, Bombay Sapphire, Mike Huckabee, Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend, First (?) Genderless Acting Award, Clapper and Yates Testimony, Healthcare Bill, Comey Fired


Intro: 0:23-5:54

Bevs Like These
American Gods Ep. 1 Review

Beyond the Headlines: 6:00-42:36

Pepe the Frog Is Dead
French Election Results
Family Kicked Off Delta Flight
Bombay Sapphire Recall
Mike Huckabee Is A Piece Of Shit (Editorial)
Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend
First (?) Genderless Acting Award

Politics Round Up: 44:07-1:24:52

Clapper and Yates Testimony
Healthcare Bill Passes House
FBI Director James Comey Fired

Wi-Five: 1:24:57- 1:27:57

Outro: 1:28:01