We Got This with Mark and Hal

We Got This LIVE at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival

06/23/2018 - 17:00 - 18:00
Philadelphia, PA
Venue Name: 
Philly Improv Theater

Address: 2030 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

4:30pm Doors, 5pm Show

Tickets: bit.ly/wegotphilly2018

Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin take the dumb issues in life that you never knew you cared so much about and settle the argument once and for all. No topic is too small or insignificant for them to dissect and decide! Whatever minutiae you argue with friends and family, don’t worry: We Got This!

#170 - Best Social Media Platform


We always talk about Twitter and Facebook at the end of each episode, but are either of them the best social media platform? How do you pick among so many choices? Why is Mark never on Facebook? Learn all the answers in this very episode!
Come see We Got This LIVE at the PHIT Comedy Theater in Philadelphia during the Philly Podcast Festival! We've got two shows on Saturday, June 23rd - for tickets and info, click here!

#169 - Best Animal Collective Noun


A duo of podcast hosts discuss a gaggle of collective nouns for animals and come away with a plethora of decisions!

#168 - Best Pretzel Shape


This is the perfect example of why We Got This is the most important show in the history of humanity: a mission to simply pick the best pretzel shape quickly turns into a heated debate. Will Mark and Hal ever be the same again? Only time will tell.

#167 - UPDATE - Best Marvel Movie with Marc Bernardin

Marc Bernardin

Back in 2015, Mark and Hal sat down to determine the best Marvel movie, and since then so many have come out that this decision has become a living document that needs updating with Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters
Fatman on Batman co-host and prodigious writer Marc Bernardin joins us for a walk through three more years and eight more films to see if one of them can claim the title!

#166 - Clean Slate XI with Eric Edelstein

Eric Edelstein

It's time to clean the slate again, and this time Mark and Hal are joined by Eric Edelstein (We Bare Bears, Jurassic World, Drunk History), who helps them clean the slate of some mini-topics! Fun fact - Eric came up with the topic for our very first episode!

#165 - Best Broadway Musical with Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett

Mark and Hal fall prey to the lullaby of Broadway as they pick the best Broadway Musical of all time with the help of their buddy Bill Corbett from MST3K and Rifftrax!

#164 - Best Donut


It's fitting that donuts are shaped like wheels because those come off early in this episode as Mark and Hal determine the best donut. You're guaranteed to get mad.

#163 - Uber vs Lyft vs Taxis with Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Mark and Hal are joined by comedy heavyweight Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, Black-ish, The Legend of Korra) to talk transportation and pick the ultimate ride!
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#162 - Best Invention Of The Last 100 Years with Andy Richter

Andy Richter

For the first of their two MaxFunDrive episodes, Mark and Hal sit down with special guest Andy Richter to sift through 100 years of landmark inventions to find the best one, including spray toilets, potato gloves, and television!
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