Ep. 8. Moonlighting - Chapter Two


Now that they can finally understand like, anything that anybody important is saying, our heroes seek employment in the Bureau of Balance. Merle brags about how smart he is. Taako accidentally encounters some life-changing intel. Magnus does horrible, horrible things to an automaton.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 199: Legalhosen

Monte Belmonte

Leesa brings the case against her husband Matt. Matt has accumulated a large collection of socks. He began with solid colors, and has now expanded to fancier patterned socks. Leesa says the collection has gotten out of hand, and wants Matt to cull the herd. Matt says the socks are useful and aesthetically pleasing, and wants to continue to acquire socks at his present rate.Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

Thanks to Monte Belmonte for returning as guest bailiff this week, and to WRSI 93.9 The River for hosting this week's Western Mass-based JJHO.

Monte will be camping out on the Old Courthouse Lawn in Northampton, MA next week, March 4th and 5th, to raise $50,000 for The Cancer Connection. Pitch in starting March 4th and help him meet that goal before he freezes while camping out in his tent! Find a link to donate here.

And thanks to Alberto Zuniga for this week's case name!

The double-ended unicycle shirt is available for only one more day! Get yours now!


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Pop Rocket: Episode 008 2015 Oscars Special: The Show, Speeches and John Travolta

Wynter, Guy, Margaret and Oliver
Pop Rocket
Wynter Mitchell
Guy Branum
Margaret Wappler
Oliver Wang

The spectacle, the magnificence, the sh*t show that was the 2015 Academy Awards. Why did Neil Patrick Harris miss the mark as host? What was with all those political speeches? And John Travolta… Plus everyone’s first gigs and music recommendations.

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Wynter Mitchell - Gnarls Barkley Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
Oliver Wang - Just Blaze Moleskine Conclusion
Margaret Wappler - Courtney Barnett’s Pedestrian at Best
Guy Branum - A joke from the latest Fresh Off The Boat

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics on the MaxFun forum, our Facebook group or via @PRPod on Twitter.

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: The Pointer Sisters


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The Pointer Sisters Get Excited (About Music, Clothes, and More)

The Pointer Sisters have always been musical chameleons. They had huge dance-pop hits in the 1980s, like "I'm So Excited" and "Jump (For My Love)", but at that point they had already found success in genres from jazz to R&B to disco, and even won a Grammy for their country hit, "Fairytale". The sisters grew up in Oakland, California and were taught by their reverend father that rock and roll was 'the devil's work'. However, when their parents weren't around, they snuck in listening sessions to Elvis, The Supremes, and James Brown.

Sisters Bonnie and June Pointer formed the earliest incarnation of the group in 1969, joined within several years by Ruth and Anita. They recorded their debut self-titled album in 1973, and the single "Yes We Can Can" became their first hit. They went on to record more hits over the next few decades, including "How Long (Betcha' Got a Chick on the Side)", a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire", and "He's So Shy".

Ruth and Anita Pointer join us for a wild and entertaining interview about their signature vintage style, forging their own musical path, and mixing family with business.

This interview originally aired February 18, 2014.

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Carolyn Kellogg Talks Westerns

Every week we like to check in with one of our favorite culture critics to get some recommendations of things that are worth your time. This week, Los Angeles Times book critic Carolyn Kellogg stops by to talk about some of her all-time favorite westerns, starting with one that broke the mold.

Her first recommendation is Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses.

Kellogg also recommends Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers.

This segment originally aired July 22, 2014.

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Bobby Lopez on The Song That Changed My Life: "Pure Imagination"

Think of a song you know by heart. A song that's been in your life for such a long time, you don't even remember when you first heard it. Maybe it was in your favorite movie as a kid.

Bobby Lopez writes those kind of songs. He's a composer for musicals and movies, and co-created the hit Broadway shows The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. He and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez are behind the enormously successful songs for Disney's Frozen, including Let It Go.

This week, Bobby shares the song that changed his life: the inspiring and magical Pure Imagination, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

This segment originally aired February 18, 2014.

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The Outshot: The Muppet Movie

Why do folks get into showbiz? If you think it's all to get attention, fame, or money, let The Muppet Movie show you why you're wrong.

This segment originally aired February 18, 2014.

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 362 - Andy Kindler

| 1 comment
Andy Kindler

Comedian Andy Kindler joins us to talk Entourage, apples, and Letterman.

Download episode 362 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

Brought to you by:
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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 365: Big Moon Guy with Matt Braunger and Allegra Ringo

Matt Braunger
Allegra Ringo

Comedian Matt Braunger and writer Allegra Ringo join Jordan for a discussion of an interesting Uber ride, a goth on a scooter and whether or not Allegra is a psycho.

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MBMBaM 240: Teen Google


We hope you've enjoyed our podcast, because during today's episode, the three of us become too insanely rich to continue doing anything that could be considered "work." It's really hard to record a show when you're making it rain 24/7 -- the money keeps hitting the mic.

Suggested talking points: All Movie Watch, Garbage Corn, Oscar Dogs, Nick Cannon-Lodeon, Salmon Burgers, Sir James Brewer: Defender of the Realm, Business Palantir, Ruth Orbs

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One Bad Mother Episode 93: What DO You Do All Day? plus guest Sally Hepworth

| 1 comment
One Bad Mother
Sally Hepworth

We call bullshit on the "to do list" when none of the ten thousand things we do as a parent everyday counts as a thing we can cross off. Plus, Biz comes to the realization that any problems her kids have may not actually be her fault, Theresa plays mind games with Simon, a listener fails when she realizes the "cock" her son wants to know about isn’t a rooster, and we talk to Sally Hepworth about her debut novel, The Secrets of Midwives.

The Secrets of Midwives, by Sally Hepworth

Share your genius and fail moments! Call 206-350-9485

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Show Music
Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (http://awesomeinquotes.com, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amran, Hot Jams For Teens (www.adiraamram.com, available on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

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TS173:50 Shades, Alabama Equality Saga, Sen. Tom Corbin, Steel Magnolias

Throwing Shade

Erin saw Fifty Shades of Grey! Bryan saw Steel Magnolias! Plus, South Carolina has a huge problem with women in politics and gay marriage in Alabama is a huge mess! M'Lynn would be so sad. 
Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi  #tspod

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 198: Spit Decision, Live from SF Sketchfest

John Vanderslice
Mary Roach

This week, our live show from SF Sketchfest, including "Justice in Thirty Minutes or Less", "Spit Decision" and music from John Vanderslice and A-1.

Many thanks to:
John Vanderslice, with Jason Slota and Jacob Winik!
Mary Roach!

And thanks to The Handsome Family for allowing us to release this special cover of their song "So Much Wine". You can find them online at The Handsome Family, and buy the original song here.

Thank you to Mike Newman for this week's case name!

And be sure to get your Hodgman Dubbel unicycle t-shirt here. Available only until 2/26/15.


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