Episode 13 - Rio Special

Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp joins in with this month's Rio special, recorded in Rio De Janeiro ahead of the Olympic games.

By Benjamin Partridge and Miles Jupp with thanks to Helen Zaltzmann, Mariana Maioline, Felipe Galvao, Vanessa Del Negri, Regina Souza, Marina De Menezes and Marcellus Lima. Also countless Brazilians on the answer phone.

Music: "At Dawn" by Dana Boule (www.danaboule.com)

Stock media provided by Setuniman/Pond5.com and Soundrangers/Pond5.com

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 244: Hashtag Friend Zone with Jason Mantzoukas

Jason Mantzoukas

Jason Mantzoukas from the podcast How Did This Get Made? sits down with Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Nicolas Cage and Werner Herzog movies. Plus, Donna Vakalis stops by to talk about her olympic experience.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 237: Oosh Bang Tidy


Jordan and Jesse sit down to discuss subcontinental prostitutes, Turkish Delights, Paris is Burning and their trip to the Olympics in London.

Let's Buy Donna a Laser Gun!

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! listener Donna Vakalis is competing in the Modern Pentathlon in the 2012 Olympic games and she needs our help! Let's raise enough money to buy her a LASER GUN for the competition.

Listen to her on JJGo: http://bit.ly/LSHV35

Check out her website: http://thisisdonna.com

And help us buy Donna that LASER GUN: http://www.indiegogo.com/lasergun

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 227: Modern Pentathlon with Dan Gregor

Dan Gregor

Dan Gregor, writer for CBS's "How I Met Your Mother", joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of youth fishing, Heathcliff, business cards, and the London Olympics.

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