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Me and my best friend Mr. Stephen Colbert


My interview with Mr. Stephen Colbert is up now in iTunes.

If you don't have iTunes, a commenter points out that it is available on the Apple website as a video. I should be clearer: it's audio and still pictures, not a full-motion video. But the file's in a video format.

Thanks to Apple for the photo and the amazing opportunity.

Project Breakout Grand Finale


Well, it's down the the finale of the Project Breakout Sketch v. Standup comedy competition. I'll be flying in to the Big Apple for the showdown, which will take place September 13th at Comix comedy club in the meatpacking district. If you want to come by, check out the show, have some drinks and meet me and the other judges, you can buy tickets online, and the promo code "PROJB" will get you five bucks off the ticket price. See you there!

"Coal" by Free Love Forum

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This is the best thing since WHIT Power 102 FM. Credit goes to the esteemed NYC sketch group Free Love Forum.

(via CCInsider, thanks Chris!)

Jordan in New York Tonight!

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New Yorkers - don't miss Jordan's shows at the Del Close Marathon tonight. He'll be performing at 8:30 with MacGuffin, then at 12:30 AM with the Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe Ever. It's all at the UCB Theater.

On this TSOYA show, Anthony King and Ian Roberts of the UCB talk about the marathon and what makes it so special, then Jeff Griggs talks about his book "Guru," which detailed his time as Close's friend and man-at-arms. Including Close eating marijuana like cereal. (MP3)

Podcast: They Might Be Giants

John & John

They Might Be Giants are giants in a field of their own creation. Their funny art-rock has it's roots in the New York performance art world, but it's gone through many incarnations in 25 years. The band's most recent record, The Else, is largely produced by The Dust Brothers. They've also begun podcasting and offering free concert downloads.

You might also enjoy these past programs:
Greg Saunier of Deerhoof
Bob Odenkirk
Ted Leo

Our intersititial music is provided by Dan Wally

Contest: Zach Galifianakis's Bad Art Auction!


Hey NYC area max-funsters/Galifianakers/Indie rock lovers/bad art hounds - this contest's for you! July 10th, at the Hiro Ballroom in New York, Zach will be hosting a charity event for New York Cares in which "really bad, really funny" art will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. And if that doesn't already sound like a blast and a half, the auction will be followed by a full set from reverb-rockers Band of Horses - who's Everything All The Time was, to this Intern's mind, one of the better debut albums OF THE MILLENIUM. I've also seen them live, and they are indeed top notch. IN ADDITION, it's their only show scheduled in NYC the whole summer.

So now you're wondering, "Hey Tim the Intern, how can I win free tickets to this hip shindig for a good cause?" Well that's simple. Just be the first person to e-mail me ( the answer to the following intern related question, along with your name and phone number:

In a classic episode of Seinfeld, Kramer takes on an NYU Intern to assist him at Kramerica Industries. WHAT IS THAT INTERN'S NAME?

Andrew WK about town...


America's top Rock Star, your friend Andrew WK is making the rounds in New York City this week.

Tonight, he appears at the PIT's show "Comic Book Club," which is a weekly talk show about comic books. He'll appear alongside Timmy Williams of The Whitest Kids U Know. Show's at 9:30.

Then tommorow (Wednesday), you can catch him on the Conan O'Brien television program. I'd have missed it if it weren't for our Notable Television & Radio Appearances thread on the forum. If someone cool is getting some shine, make sure to share it with all of us there!

Reserve Your LA Meet-Up Slot Now!


The first-ever meetup is Friday the 13th in Los Angeles!

We'll meet at the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin at 8PM, then we'll catch the 9:30 PM show at the UCBT next door -- the Match Game, featuring our podcast pal Jimmy Pardo and friends. Past match games I've attended have included former TSOYA guests like Bob Odenkirk, Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Chris Hardwick and more.

The Match Game will sell out, so please make reservations now (tickets are a mere $8). Make sure you're making them for Friday night, make sure you confirm them (they'll send you an email with a link), and make sure you let me know you're coming by emailing me your reservation confirmation at jesse at I'm going to try talking the theater into saving us some seats so we don't have to wait so long in line.

ALSO! If you're in New York, Elizabeth and Zach are trying to organize an NYC meetup. Click here for more info on that, and throw in your two cents. I've met several of the folks who've said they're going, and they're nice and not weird!

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