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Andrew W.K., Nellie McKay and The Spinto Band: Live from Philadelphia and New York on The Sound of Young America

Andrew W.K.
Nellie McKay
The Spinto Band

Live performances from our East Coast trip. Includes a conversation and music from Andrew W.K., Nellie McKay & the Aristocrats and The Spinto Band.

TSOYA Live at 8pm Eastern


Don't forget: TSOYA is streaming live from New York City tonight (Friday) at eight PM eastern time.

You can watch live here or at

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From our friends Elephant Larry.

They're heading up Sketchfest NYC, which we're proud to sponsor. It starts Thursday evening at the UCB Theater in New York City.

Sketchfest Sketchfest Sketchfest


Hey, guess what?

Our pals at Sketchfest Seattle are now taking applications for performers. It's a really great festival, in a really great town, and highly recommended.

Which reminds me... The Sound of Young America is proud to be a sponsor of This year's Sketchfest NYC. We're still working on getting the names of events into the live shows section of the sidebar, but there it is down there as "New York, NY." It runs the same dates as MaxFunCon, so I won't be there, but those guys always put together an amazing festival.

Bad Cop

Paul Bacon

Paul Bacon is the author of "Bad Cop," a memoir of his time in the New York Police Department. After September 11th, Bacon felt a calling to community service, but he was too old for his first choice, the fire department. He signed up for police academy instead, but he quickly found that he was ill-suited to the job.

Elephant Larry Present Con Air

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Our pals in the wonderful NYC sketch comedy group Elephant Larry have a brand new show, "Elephant Larry Present: Con Air."

It's the first sketch comedy show built completely around the 1997 Nicolas Cage film "Con Air." I'm not sure if Dave Chappelle or John Malcovich will be there, but we can at least hope for Ving Rhames or Danny Trejo.

Mike Birbiglia on "Sleepwalk with Me", interview on The Sound of Young America


Last time comedian Mike Birbiglia was on The Sound of Young America, he talked about developing the narratives in his work, and leaving behind the joke-joke-joke repetitions that are standard in standup comedy. He recently premiered his first theatrical performance, "Sleepwalk with Me," at the Bleeker Street Theater off-Broadway, to rave reviews. It chronicles his struggles with sleepwalking, and in a long-term romantic relationship.

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Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to New York & San Francisco: Stuart Schuffman interview on The Sound of Young America

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Stuart Schuffman is the author of "Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply in New York City," a follow-up to his zine and book "Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco." They're travel guides for residents -- particularly residents keen on knowing which happy hours have cheap domestic beer and free food. They also feature guides to little-known, bizarre and beautiful attractions like San Francisco's Columbarium.

Previously: a text interview with Stuart.

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Dave Hill in NYC


Due to certain unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to catch the Dave Hill Explosion in Los Angeles this past week. Not only did Dave hook up with the one and only Andy Dick, but there was a surprise drop-in from Robin Williams. A volatile combination, I think we can all agree.

Dave will be a guest on our show soon -- we taped the interview while he was in town. In preparation, I watched and enjoyed mightily his Mojo HD series "King of Miami," the first episode of which you too can watch online. I also watched and delighted in his various shorts for SuperDeluxe.

Luckily for those of you in NYC, you can catch Dave Thursday night at the UCB Theater. Joining him will be two old TSOYA pals, John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton.

Below: Dave at Fashion Week and Dave's reality show, co-starring Little Michael Jackson.

Solo in New York City



Two of TSOYA's top pals have solo shows running in New York, and if you miss them, YOU'RE A FOOL.

Our pal Mike Birbiglia has his first solo stage show, called Sleepwalk with Me, running at the Bleeker Theater. Mike has always been fantastically hilarious as a standup, but this show is also receiving acclaim for its emotional depth. WE VOUCH FOR MIKE. If that's not good enough for you, listen to Mike on TAL and TRY not to laugh uncontrollably. FURTHERMORE: you can get discount tickets with this link.

ADDITIONALLY: our pal Mike Daisey (above) has his new solo performance, If You See Something, Say Something, running at the Public Theater. It's about the resonances of the cold war in contemporary America, and in Mike's own life. If it's like his other work, it's fantastic. The Times certainly seems to have enjoyed it. So have others. Tickets are available here. Mike has generously offered TSOYA fans a big ticket discount -- $35 tix can be had with the code SSMKTG. It is offered with the proviso that tickets are selling out fast and that code might stop working at some point.


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