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Kasper Hauser at SF Sketchfest


Tuesday, Jan. 22, Mill Valley (shorter set)

Seriously, just go. On the 18th if you can, when they'll be stretching out and performing with another favorite of mine, the acerbic "Oh, You & Your Bone Spurs." On the other hand, you shouldn't miss them on the 24th, either, with mad genius Will Franken and the very charming Apple Sisters. Buy the ticket now, and get your ass out to the show. It will be amazing. There is no better sketch group in the country than Kasper Hauser, and there is no better place to see Kasper Hauser than at the SF Sketchfest.

Kasper Hauser in NYC: "An event of magnitude."


Our very good friends The Kasper Hauser Comedy Group are bringing their brilliant, off-kilter eye to New York City tonight and tommorow night. Kasper Hauser coming to NYC is a big enough deal for Time Out New York to have declared it "an event of magnitude."

Tonight (Thursday), they're performing their show SkyMaul. See SkyMaul CEO Jerry Ponda detail the decline of the SkyMaul company, and meet the mis-matched characters who are hoping to bring it back to the top. Features original sketches specific to the show, plus material drawn from SkyMaul the book. The show's at 10 at Ars Nova.

Tommorow (Friday), they're co-headlining The Longest Sketch Show Ever at the UCB in NY. The show starts at 10 and runs for 24 straight hours. It's part of the New York Comedy Festival. They'll be performing lots of classic Kasper Hauser sketches in a show that's completely different from SkyMaul.

Be there or be square!

Kasper Hauser return to LA with SkyMaul Wednesday Night


While I'm busy cavorting in New York City Wednesday night (or more accurately, riding an airplane somewhere over Ohio), Kasper Hauser will be making their triumphant return to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with SkyMaul!

The show is Wednesday night at 8PM. Tickets are only five bucks, so make your reservations now for an amazing night of comedy.

The show is a two headed beast -- material drawn from SkyMaul and brand new sketches. I've seen it three times, and I love it every time. Just wait until you see SkyMaul CEO Jerry Ponda in his trademark black turtleneck.

PS to NYCers: KH will be performing in NY at the UCB there on November 9th. Some MaxFunsters are planning a meetup. You should go.

Kasper Hauser's Rob Baedeker on Cheapskates


Rob Baedeker of Kasper Hauser wrote this wonderful piece in the San Francisco Chronicle about cheapskates -- and about one cheapskate in particular, named Dan. It may be that Rob knows man people named Dan, and I am speaking out of school when I suggest that this Dan might be Kasper Hauser's Dan Klein, but the presence in the piece of two corroborating witnesses named James and John (the names of Kasper Hauser's other two members) seems like a bit of a smoking gun.

Dan is also a cheapskate. He's certainly treated me to meals on occasion, but the payment has always been accompanied by a certain body language -- a flicker of profound, existential pain at the prospect of parting with his cash. It's the look of a Depression-era mother putting her infant on a freight train so that it might chance into a better life elsewhere.

Dan has also given me gifts, but they tend to be bush-league gifts. On his recent trip to Germany he brought me and a couple of other friends some kind of canned meats.

Sure, he didn't have to bring us gifts, but canned meat? The gesture was half joke, half symptom of what I see as a larger tension in the cheapskate's soul.


And by the by (and this is completely unsolicited), Rob is an exceptional writer who recently went freelance, so if you've got a gig, you might think of him. I can put you in touch.

Kasper Hauser Live Redux


The Coming just posted some wonderful pictures of Kasper Hauser at the UCB in LA. Great, great stuff. Much respect to the photog, Mike Carano. Above, left to right: John Reichmuth, Dan Klein (ducking), Rob Baedeker, James Reichmuth.

It's here! The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast!


It's here, folks. I predict rip-roaring success for the newest production of maximumfun.org: The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast. Subscribe now!

Here's what you get:

A five-minute-or-so weekly audio sketch or comedy bit.

A weekly sample page from Kasper Hauser's new book, "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane." (as endorsed by George Saunders, Patton Oswalt, Fred Willard, John Hodgman, Dave Barry, David Foster Wallace and more!)

Plus videos every couple weeks...

iTunes tells us they're going to feature the show in their "New Releases" section starting Wednesday... let's get a head start! Subscribe, then review the show!3

For those who don't use iTunes, here's the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/kasperhauser

This week's show features a favorite, originally heard on The Sound of Young America: Phone Call to the 14th Century. We'll have never-before-heard stuff in the coming weeks.
OK: ready... steady...

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Kasper Hauser in LA Wednesday Night!


If you live in the Southland, you owe it to yourself to catch the Kasper Hauser show tonight (Wednesday night) at the UCB Theater. They'll be presenting their epic "SkyMaul" show, adapted in part from the book of the same name, which you MAY have heard of if you spend any time reading this here blog.

KH will be performing with red-hot up and comers Hendershaw.

Show's at 8PM, tickets are only five bucks, reservations are available right here. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

Podcast: Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Ep. 15: Fake-a-Wish


This week: The California Youth Authority presents Fake-a-Wish Camp, for children who have faked illnesses in order to receive... "last time fun things."

Please continue to subscribe and review the show! You can also check out KH's videos on YouTube.

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Kasper Hauser at Google


Kasper Hauser visited the offices of Google last month to offer a sales presentation for their catalog SkyMaul. SkyMaul CEO Jerry Ponda was on hand, in his trademark black turtleneck, and a variety of friends were there too. Luckily for America, Google recorded the whole operation, which you can watch above.

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