Episode 15 - Front Man written by Emily Kapnek

Josh Peck as Paul
Daniel Strauss as Ron
Allison Tolman as Vivian
Matt Micucci as Chad/Keith
Michael Cassady as Kit
Busy Philipps as Hope
Birdie Silverstein as Aurora
Kate Flannery as Eileen
Jim O'Heir as Len
Maria Blasucci as Nana/Lara/Choir
John Ross Bowie as Dr. Groener
Joel Spence as Glenn
Janina Gavankar as Raul/Choir
Tawny Newsome as Choir
Andrew Reich with stage directions

In this episode of Dead Pilots Society, Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich interview Emily Kapnek (Splitting Up Together, Suburgatory) regarding her dead pilot, Front Man. You'll also listen to a never-before-heard live table read of Front Man performed by some of today's funniest comedic actors.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 328: Fudgie the Bail


Kate brings the case against her husband, Aaron. Aaron insists on baking cakes for every birthday party or special event. Kate would rather he focus his energy on helping her with their two young kids instead of baking elaborate cakes. Who's right? Who's wrong?


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Roze Buddiez: International Date Line

Rose Buddies

Oh, you haven't heard of International Date Line? It's only the hot new romantic television property created by Rachel and Griffin, two of Hollywood's most in-demand pitchmasters. Join them as they develop this show in this special episode of Rose Buddies!

The Greatest Generation Ep 167: Gruffness Quotient (S7E16)


When Data crash lands on "Planet Renaissance," he starts performing feats of strength and sells dangerous cargo to the blacksmith there. Meanwhile, Counselor Troi studies for a test where her answers have life-threatening consequences. Who's ever seen Space Rangers? What is the loaf of the week? Should we change the show's logo? It's the episode that suffers from mechanical amnesia.

MBMBaM 369: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 122 - 133


Two-thirds of the brothers are on vacation this week, so they've prepared you this special trip down memory lane in their absence. We're not sure why the audio quality is so terrible on memory lane? Those cobblestone streets just have awful acoustics, we guess.

0:45 - What do you Think?
2:37 - Slim Goodbody
3:15 - The Debt Ceiling
4:08 - Justin the Dream Master
4:52 - Closing the Dildo Loop
6:54 - Soft Weed Voice
11:20 - Ghost Combos
13:07 - Ostrich Decapitation
14:58 - Ghost Energy Everywhere
19:14 - Blast My Cache
26:16 - Ghost Stories
30:35 - Unk
41:40 - Shitty Iron Man
45:50 - Killed at a Carnival
47:31 - Adult Teen Baby
51:04 - Blowing Loads
54:01 - Garfield is Funny
56:08 - Frosty the Snowman Logistics
59:58 - Clean Extreme Restraints Ad
1:05:01 - Final Yahoo

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 495: Rat Lord with Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton

The guys take a break from talking about the splendor of our country's magnificent national parks to talk with professional entertainer Jonathan Coulton about the exclusivity of the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, Jordan's decision to finally ask Twitter to verify him, and the legitimacy of services like Adult Friend Finder.

The Greatest Generation Ep 166: A Greek Chorus of Noxzema Commercial Kids (S7E15)


When Riker and Troi embark on a quarterly crew evaluation, four fresh-faced ensigns are pitted against each other to see who will get promoted, and who will be voted off the island. But when the Captain takes a special interest in big-dogging a familiar young Bajoran, the competition turns deadly. What does a staff meeting in Ten Forward sound like? Is Worf the best manager on the ship? Is Troi running a long con to get more face time with Lavelle? Its the episode that will serve as a time capsule for post-tour Adam and Ben to understand what pre-tour Adam and Ben were really like.

Pop Rocket: Episode 138 Back to School

Pop Rocket
Karen Tongson
Wynter Mitchell
Alonso Duralde

This week on Pop Rocket Karen hosts and the gang goes back to school. It's that time of year again and the crew looks back on the quintessential school movies that taught them about life. Wynter shares her desire to have a Sixteen Candles high school experience, and Alonso discusses his relation to Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business. The gang also dives into adult education, discussing the films and TV where adults go back to school. Karen shares with us the lessons learned from Will Smith's character in the film Six Degrees of Separation. Plus, the crew explores the current lack of value placed upon education and how that may be the death knell for future classic movies about the school experience.

This week Karen reveals some *SPOILERS* for the show Insecure and is also all about it. While Alonso is all about Netflix's The Defenders. Plus, Wynter gets her popcorn ready as she is all about Taylor Swift's social media scrubbing and her ongoing feud with Katy Perry.

With Wynter Mitchell, Alonso Duralde, and Karen Tongson.


Alonso - Axolotl - The Veils
Wynter - Mediate - INXS
Karen - Haim - Little of Your Love

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy August Spotify playlist.

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics in our Facebook group or via @PopRocket on Twitter.

Produced by Christian Dueñas and Casey O'Brien for

The Greatest Generation Ep 165: Leotard Conversation (S7E14)


When Beverly’s grandma wills her an erotic candle, her eye color isn’t the only thing that changes. But Troi and Picard grow increasingly suspicious when she starts dressing like an old. Is this mayor what would happen if the Dark Crystal puppets grew up? Where do babies come from? Was Nagilum an MRA? It’s the episode where we come to loggerheads over podcasting fluid.

MBMBaM 368: The Sun Shines On Our Dark Planet!


Justin, Travis and Dane are back again to talk about the few blissful minutes of sun our world received on this blessed rotation. Justin also pitches a very, VERY whimsical story about food that isn't rocks!!! Can you imagine!?!?

Suggested talking points: The Sun Day, Time Chunks, Personal Pan Immunity, Pizza Daniel, News Spoilers, Pancake Trap, Doober Dads, Kevin James' Height Correction, Principal Theft

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