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I think I am in love with Dr. Steve Brule, and with Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!

Kasper Hauser: Free in SF Tuesday!


The world-famous comedians of the Kasper Hauser Comedy Group will be presenting their book, "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane" Tuesday at Modern Times Books in San Francisco. This is a really great bookstore down the street from where I grew up that I can't recomend highly enough.

The event is 100% free, and things kick of at 7PM.

"The group will talk about sketch comedy and parody writing, and their attempt to break the Guinness Book world record for throwing a checker the length of the Queen Mary. "

Even if you're not in San Francisco, you should tell your friends who are. And even if you don't know anyone there, you should buy this book, which is one of the funniest I have ever read.

Anne Beatts on The Treatment

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Don't miss this interview with Anne Beatts, original SNL writer, on The Treatment.

Among other things, she talks about a time when Eric Idle had cats go to the bathroom INSIDE HIS PANTS live on air, then had to go directly to another sketch without cleaning up.

She also talks about 30 Rock v. Sudio 60, and reveals that 30 Rock was originally planned as a behind-the-scenes series about a Crossfire-type news opinion show. Also, lots and lots of other amazing stuff.

SNL Intro Montage

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They made him put on the jacket. Still pretty great though, huh?

Buy one for yourself.

Podcast: Maria Bamford


Maria Bamford is a comedian and sometime actress. She's been featured on Comedy Central's The Comedians of Comedy, and her distinctive voice has been heard in a number of animated films.

We talk about her career as a Star Trek impersonator, her preference for collective living and how much a comedian actually makes. Oh, and also: her comedy. Her new CD is called "How to Win."

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These American Jokes, featuring laffs from Maria

Name-checked on the Merlin Show


Productivity guru / Space Pen advocate / TSOYA supporter Merlin Mann just launched a new video podcast called The Merlin Show. His first interview was with our good friend Jonathan Coulton, who he correctly identified as the Nicest Man on Earth. Not only does Merlin mention me, but he also discusses Productivity Tips From the King of Pop.

Watch it here.

The Secret Life of Brian


This 48-minute documentary covers the exciting story behind Monty Python's Life of Brian. (Original title: "Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory.")

Cleese on the film's many detractors:
"These people are operating at a very very low level of mental health."

Thanks to the CC Insider for dredging it up -- they've been doing great work lately, and get my award for "most improved blog - comedy division."

All-staff meeting


Wow, this SNL "digital short" is hilarious. I've heard great things about this past Saturday's show... I'd better get on that.

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