Alan Partridge Hates Farming


Steve Coogan as buffoonish television and radio host Alan Partridge makes spectacularly unfounded accusations about farming to a farmer, played by the great Chris Morris.

Elephant Larry on Attack of the Show


Our pals from Elephant Larry and our pal Kevin "Sprinkles" Pereira join force like Voltron for a segment called "Kings of Dot Comedy" on Attack of the Show.

Ep. 104: Hello Baby

Scott Aukerman

Guest Scott Aukerman joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about things that are ruined by fans of those things, and more.

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In the Loop - "Tucker's Law"


(The above isn't even a tiny bit safe for work.)

One of the subjects that came up when the creator of the Canadian sitcom Trailer Park Boys was on The Sound of Young America was creative swearing.

I'm prepping for an interview with the British comedy writer and director Armando Iannucci, and have been thinking a lot about his new film, "In the Loop," which opens in the States in about two weeks and is fantastically hilarious.

It's an ensemble film, but its central character is a political flak named Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi. Tucker's streams of profanity are so astonishing that they're almost magical. As much as I love Ricky and Julian's swearing on Trailer Park Boys, Malcolm Tucker takes the cake.

Above, a classic example from The Thick of It, the TV show that begat the film: "Tucker's Law." Very, very NSFW.

Paul & Storm: Nunfight; Comedy from The Sound of Young America

Paul & Storm: Back in the Habit
Paul & Storm

Cultural commentators in song Paul & Storm offer a unique perspective on a unique news story.

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Scotty Got An Office Job


Scotty Got an Office Job S02E10 from Scotty Iseri on Vimeo.

Listener Scott Iseri sent me a very nice email asking me to take a look at his web series, "Scotty Got An Office Job." He made up for the first video I saw, which featured ironic white guy rapping, with the second I saw, above, in which he answers viewer mail while at a staff meeting in his real job. Pretty funny. Also, he alluded to Pee-Wee's Big Adventure right up top, which is a key to getting on TSOYA (listen later this week for my interview with the band Au Revoir Simone).

Anyway, if you send me your web series, I gotta be honest, I probably won't watch it. But if you send it to instead of my personal address... and you're nice about it... I might. And maybe it'll be good. Like this one.

As Laughing Squid notes, "Yes this is real, and no his co-workers are not in on it."

Master of the Film Junket


Via Rob Corddry's twitter, the greatest film junket interview ever (with all apologies to Jordan). "I was sure a second Ashton was going to pop in and tell us we had been punked."

Jordan Morris Pitches the Cast of The Hangover on a Vegas Extravaganza


Jordan's always said that if he can't be in Cirque du Soleil, he'll beat them at their own game. here (warning: autoplays), he pitches Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips and Heather Graham on the idea.

Steve Martin's Comedy Act for Dogs


Via Richard Metzger on the BoingBoing Video sidebar blog that I've been contributing to lately.

A perfect accompaniment to this awesome forum thread about dogs. You should post a picture of your dog! I love funny dogs!

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