Chris Morris' "Four Lions" + Sundance = PURE MAGIC?


The BBC is reporting that the new film by humor God Chris Morris, (who created the amazing series The Day Today and Brass Eye in the 1990s with help from past TSOYA guests Graham Linehan and Armando Iannucci) has been shortlisted for competition in the world cinema portion of the Sundance Film Festival.

Which, I guess, means it's done and going to come out. Which I didn't know. And is awesome.

It centers on four British would-be terrorists in a terrorist training camp.

Which, again, is awesome.

Jordan Ranks America: The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris ranks America in his own inimitable way.

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The Elliotts

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Louis CK's Last Chance


Very NSFW. Very funny.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: A DELIGHT.


Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 117: Primary Colors with Paul Rust and Neil Campbell

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Neil Campbell
Paul Rust

Neil Campbell and Paul Rust join Jesse to talk about writing for the MTV Movie Awards, Black Bart Simpson, and more.

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Tracy Morgan and Terry Gross


This is old news now, but I hadn't had time to give it a proper listen yet.

A) I feel that Tracy's emotion is very real in this. Some people have suggested it's a put-on of some kind. Tracy is obviously kind of a ridiculous guy, but he's a sincerely ridiculous guy. And I think Tracy talking about appreciation of someone caring about his story for real is true.

B) Terry Gross' greatest strength as an interviewer, among many strengths, is her humility. She doesn't make any assumptions, she just asks sincere questions. Which was exactly the right thing to do in a situation where Tracy is a little uncomfortable and not afraid to poke her a little. And that's why he responded so honestly.

C) There is a moment where Morgan starts to break down. There's an eternity of silence (in radio terms - long enough that it may have been longer in real life, because they couldn't have left it any longer on the air or people would think their radios were broken). Then Terry starts to ask a question, then asks if Morgan is OK. I've heard criticism of Gross' approach here. I think it's worth remembering that they (I presume) weren't in the same room, and it was a very tough situation for Gross to read and navigate. I think she did a great job.

D) Morgan's analysis of his work in SNL is very trenchant. Tracy Morgan has *always* been as funny as he is on 30 Rock. Always. He was also very tonally different from the tone of SNL when he joined (like many of the show's black castmembers have been), and he isn't a writer. He talks insightfully about how Lorne Michaels changed the course of his career - taught him that he had to stretch. He gives great credit to Tina Fey for finding a way to put what's funny about Tracy on the air. He admits that he had to learn to collaborate with people who were very, very different from him to share that. Those are great insights, in my opinion.

E) As someone on Twitter shared with me, anybody dissing Terry gets The Gas Face from me.

The American Budget Network


Jimmy Pardo: Home Run King

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That's called a home run, folks.

Jimmy interviewing celebs for GQ magazine.


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