The Bullseye Shirt is here!


Bullseye shirts are here!

They're just $20 over at the MaxFunStore. We're currently taking pre-orders for three colors. Everyone who pre-orders will get their favorite color, but once they go into production, we'll only be offering the best-selling color, so act now.

$20, ultra-premium (that's how we roll). Do it!

Bullseye Episode One is Coming: Tuesday!


Like Me, Friend Me

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Hey friends,

We all know that in this brave new digital world, there is only one true test of friendship and loyalty: the Facebook "Like" button.

In that spirit, I'm hear to announce some great new Facebook pages that we hope you will "like" over and over again:

Jesse Thorn (Entertainer)

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Jordan, Jesse, Go!

It's a quick, easy way to show your support and find out the latest about great new stuff we're doing.

So go ahead - push our buttons!

Theme From Bullseye


Thanks to The Go! Team and Memphis Industries records, we have a theme song for Bullseye! It's "Huddle Formation," and I couldn't be more excited about it.

January, people! January!

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