Barbara Gray

International Waters: Episode 22 Why Choose the Battenberg?

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Pippa and John Luke, in London
Barabara Gray
John-Luke Roberts
Pippa Evans
Zach Sherwin

Barbara Gray, John-Luke Roberts, Pippa Evans and Zach Sherwin join host, Dave Holmes for the transatlantic comedy quiz show where land laws do not apply.

Other useful links this week: Here’s what a Battenberg cake looks like. You can find more details about Pippa’s Sunday Assembly alternative to church here and I Googled “Crave” to see what Barbara was talking about and found this.

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International Waters Episode 10: Live in San Francisco

The San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival
Jordan Morris
Barara Gray
Natasha Muse
James Reichmuth
Mal Sharpe

International Waters live at The San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival!

North and South California finally duke it out to find out which is the best.

Representing SoCal: Jordan Morris and Barbara Gray, for NorCal: James Reichmuth and Natasha Muse. Plus special guest, San Francisco comedy legend Mal Sharpe!

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